Paying it Forward is a small registered not for profit local charity that is run by local volunteers. Paying it Forward supports vulnerable persons in the local community. This includes those at risk of domestic violence, youth homelessness as well as, but not limited to, the aged and disabled.

If you didn’t know, Here’s a bit about us.

PIF supports local patrons by providing warm clothing, sanitary and hygiene products, towels, blankets, scarves, and beanies as well as a food pantry when donations allow.

PIF is not aligned to any political party or religious group and delivers a non-discriminatory service with dignity and respect for all in Jamison Park Penrith on Sunday evenings at 5.30 By donating now you are assisting PIF to provide a hot meal, dessert and beverage on a weekly basis to locals in need.

Supporting Businesses

Paying It Forward Homeless Services is grateful to be given the continual support of so many individuals and businesses and organisations. Without this support it would be difficult for PIF to offer the support it does to the vulnerable in our community. We would like to acknowledge and thank the Businesses and Organisations listed below and ask that you support them in return for the contribution they make for our local community.

Domestic Violence Helpline

Anyone experiencing domestic violence, anywhere in NSW, can call the Domestic Violence Help Line toll free. The Domestic Violence Help Line can arrange emergency accommodation and negotiate with other government departments, such as Health or Housing, to find additional support services for people who need them due to domestic violence.

1800 656 463

Available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Youth Emergency Accommodation Line (YEAL)

Provides a referral and information service across NSW to young people aged 12-24 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Available between 9am and 4 pm.

Phone: (02) 9698 5833 ext 25.

Alternatively, you can access the recorded message of vacancies in crisis services. There are two recorded messages – one for rural services and for metropolitan areas.

Metro (02) 9318 1531.

Updated on weekdays by 9:30am. Lists all current vacancies in the Sydney area in youth services. Most services are suitable for under 18’s only.

Rural 1800 424 830 

Updated on Monday, Wednesday & Friday by 9:30am. Lists all rural vacancies & the region in which they are located. Most services are suitable for locals only.